Modern Fedora Hats

With the brand motto “you were born to fly high” Ministry of Wings hats represent the tribe of women with invisible wings, who are individualistic and passionate. Confident to express themselves through their style; not afraid to stand out and shine.

Originally from Poland, the Perth friend’s duo Izabela and Dorota, are setting a new tone for what the hat accessory means. Their designs bring a style for every occasion.

“We both love iconic fashion and dressing up, and when we couldn’t find the right hats on the market to complement our own outfits, we decided to design our own"

With a touch of elegance, individualism, unique styles, love for fashion and attention to detail we have created the most beautiful hats which emphasize the individuality of a person wearing it. We want our women to feel feminine, attractive but also comfortable. 

“We love that our hats not only emphasize the individuality of each woman and her style, but also allowing us to enjoy an Australian outdoor lifestyle, protected from the sun. They are truly unique statement pieces that can be worn from day to night, season after season. Timeless over trend hats that create a modern, versatile closet.”

Ministry of Wing hats are all about perfectly crafted pieces that will add value, with a mindset of investing in tomorrow’s treasures. Put simply, they are timeless, high quality and pure luxury. Their aim; to put a
modern twist on the essential classic pieces.


With love

Izabela & Dorota