How to wear and style black hats?

How to wear and style black hats?
Our black oval boater style hats are undoubtedly one of the most elevated and classy accessories you can wear. They are characterised with wide stiff brim and firm upturned edges, not to mention finished with French Vintage Brocade ribbon, like Fields of Love hat and Moonlight Dancer hat. They are definitely dressy hats. They look the best when styled with matching outfits and are ideal accessories to wear to fancy dinner parties, elegant restaurants, weddings and many other smart and fashionable gatherings.  
If you are attending one of the events mentioned above, plan your outfit ahead, make sure colours of the ribbon match your outfit. We recommend wearing them the traditional way, in the center of your forehead, and above your ears.
This way you will look very elegant and you will be able to expose brocade ribbon on your headpiece. All our black hats have a touch of golden finish. They will look very fashionable with gold jewellery or golden elements on your clothes. You can wear your black hat with either a short or long dress, wide or skinny long pants, jacket or elegant jumpsuit. 
The Arrow of Time hat is also very elegant but it’s black velvet ribbon and polished gold plated crosses, will add a moderately stylish element to your look. It’s a unisex hat.
This is also an ideal black hat to wear more at the back of your head, halo way if that's your preference. Arrow of time hat matches any colours in your outfit. You can easily wear it on holidays, at the pool side, to the concerts but it also looks great with a stylish jacket, shirt or a suit. Whatever style of black hat you choose, they are all dressy accessories but can also be dressed down for a more casual look.
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