How to reshape and stretch a wool felt hat

How to reshape a wool felt hat

If you ever find  yourself in a situation where you accidentally step or sit on your hat, wet it or it get it squashed in your suitcase, don't panic! It can be fixed.

We’ve got you cover with some tips below:


The best way to reshape your wool felt hat is to use a steamer. You can easily use a steam iron from your household.

To fix a bent hat brim, start with steaming the area of your hat that needs to be reshaped. The material will start softening. Avoid letting the hat get too wet. Use your both hands to push out the dents on the brim. We recommend using a flat surface. Reshaping a floppy hat brim can be done exactly the same way. Last step to get your hat a brand new look is to let it cool.

If you don't have a steam iron and you are in the situation that your hat needs to be fixed, you can boil water in a kettle or pot and let a steam roll out onto your hat. 

Follow the same steps as using a steam iron.

Quite often hats require just steaming the brim to refresh their look but when it comes about reshaping the crown, make sure it is heated evenly and work your way around the hat until it's back to its original shape and let it cool. 


Natural fibres in hats can cause from time to time gradual shrinking over time, especially if you ever wet your hat, accidentally jumped in a pool wearing your hat or had to wash it. Not to mention humidity and sweat. It can never happen if you look after your fashion accessory but if it ever happens, don’t stress we have few tips for you.

Follow these few simple techniques and you’ll be able to stretch and resize your hat in no time. 

Turn on the steamer and ensure enough steam reaches the hat’s inside band. Hold it for about a minute until you feel it start softening. Remove the hat from the heat for few seconds and repeat this process at least few times if necessary. Turn on the hairdryer to its highest setting and blow-dry inside the hat until the fabric is mostly dry. When it's lightly damp, wear the hat and let it air dry. It will stretch into the right size for your head.  


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