How to clean a wool felt hat?

How to clean a wool felt hat?
Before we guide you how to clean your wool felt hat, let us explain you what exactly is felt. It’s the most popular hat fabric, usually made out of wool. It's a natural fiber that comes from a sheep's coat, produced by using heat, moisture, and pressing the wool fibers together. Ministry of Wings Hats are produced using only Australian wool. 
To find out how to care for wool felt hats, please check out our recommendations.

1. Removing dirt from your wool felt hat

The best way to keep your hats clean, is using special hat sponges. They're great way to remove dirt or smudges from your hat. 
Simply do small circular motions on the effected area with the dry sponge to remove dirt. It’s good to have a different sponge for light colour felt hats and another one for dark colours.

2. Removing make up smudges from your hat 

Very easy and convenient way to clean your favourite wool felt hat from makeup smudges is using make up/ baby wipes. They will remove any make up marks in an instant. You can also clean your sweatband with it. 

3. Refreshing hat.

Use a lint roller or handheld hat brush to freshen up your hat. Lint roller easily and quickly removes dust, animal hair and unwanted fluff from your favourite hat. 
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