Candylicious collection

Candylicious collection
The Candylicious collection represents a combination of our iconic classic styles with this season’s hottest trend-colour pop. It’s a very joyful mixture of colourful fish leather, vintage silk and gold pleated accessories and beautifully made Australian wool fedora body. 
It comes with a fresh and colourful perspective to uplift your mood and wardrobe, fun pieces that will embrace your style. Color is the first thing you notice about a garment and this spring/summer collection delivers some brightness to your closet. Whether you love vibrant pinks, neon yellow or cold blues, Candylicious collection is lively, energetic and definitely eye-catching. Whatever hat style you choose, it will fit perfectly with the classic wardrobe that you already might have or with the new colourful pieces that you will be getting this season. 
Hats that we designed for you, are an incredibly simple way to add dimension and vitality to your wardrobe. Even the simplest of outfits like jeans paired with a colourful T-shirt can become super stylish with the complement of bold, unique hat and colourful shoes. You can wear it with a colour pattern dress or colourful trousers and a black top for example. 
Hat can become your statement accessory that will make the whole outfit complete. Hats from Candylicious collection are not only perfect to create a bold daily look but they will highlight any evening look embracing your joyful, energetic side too. If you are more into classic but really want to follow the colour-pop trend this season, we’ve got you covered. No matter which hat you choose, if it’s Lemon Sorbet, Candy Kisses or Cotton Candy, to match a simple and classic wardrobe, just add colourful footwear or a handbag and be prepared to get some attention.
If you are seeking a sophisticated way to dress yourself for a special long-awaited holiday, beach hangouts, hats from Candylicious collection will reward you with style credibility during spring/summer months. This is a season to shine, be bright, bold and colourful. 
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